Quebec Proved to Be Attractive Enough for Lotto Windfalls

Quebec lottery fans have celebrated quite the cash windfalls over the past twelve months, with bigger and better lotto jackpots making their way to their pockets. Lotto 6/49 was once again among the preferred tickets purchased by many Canadians, but it seemed like many of the cash prizes were eventually drawn to the eastern regions of the country.

Today we are going to review some of the heftiest Lotto 6/49 jackpots bagged by Quebec players this year. Purchasing tickets as a group has made the entire gaming experience more special for Canadians, as it makes them feel part of a community that could soon become much richer. This is also true for tickets purchased by couples that have agreed to split the jackpot and invest it in something both individuals would find enjoyable.
Lotto 6/49 Proves Generosity

Such was the case with a couple hailing from Gatineau that became eligible for a cash windfall of CA$7 million mid-July. Just like many winners before them, the two Lotto 6/49 enthusiasts were in a state of disbelief upon realizing their lives would never be the same again. Colette Laberge and Mario Lafrenière collected their jackpot and took a photo with the hefty cheque at Casino du Lac-Leamy.

Groups of Friends Bag Stellar Lotto Prizes in B.C., Ontario

The winging draw for the two of them took place on July 10, highlighting the numbers 07, 15, 22, 28, 43, 49, plus the bonus one 45. Matching the six main numbers sufficed, making their ticket a lucky one indeed. Winners revealed that they had purchased the winning ticket at Uniprix Danyel Dessureault, Place de la Cité-des-Jeunes.

CA$17.6m Lotto 6/49 Winner Kept Scanning Ticket in Disbelief

According to Loto-Quebec’s regulation, every retail point associated with a winning purchase is eligible for a 1-percent slice of the jackpot. This granted the location some CA$70,000, a motivation for many retailers to include lottery offerings in their array of offerings. One of the regular questions, when winners collect their prize, is related to their plans. The Gatineau couple had already come up with a plan that included treating their extended family as well.
Larger Prizes Claimed
Another permanent resident of Quebec would forever remember this year as a special one thanks to his lucky Lotto 6/49 ticket purchase. The first days of August were special for Daniel Lavoie of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean who was the proud winner of CA$3.5 million jackpot. This was half of the August 7 Lotto 6/49 Main prize, but still a generous cash pile for the Canadian.

Pollard Enhances Lotto Offerings with CA$13.4m mkodo Purchase

August 7 brought a Lotto 6/49 draw coming with a CA$7-million prize that was eventually split between the two tickets eligible for it. The numbers drawn at that draw were 05, 08, 09, 19, 28, 31, plus the bonus one 18. Mr. Lavoie purchased his ticket at the Couche-Tard convenience store in Chambord ahead of the lucky draw.

Group of Six Lotto MAX Millionaires Plan their Future in Quebec

Just like every other retail location selling winging tickets, the convenience store received one percent of the payout. In this case this amounted to CA$35,000 piece of the Main prize. The lotto millionaire was certain that he would continue working at least for the time being, despite the windfall. He also began looking for the perfect new home for his family.

Betway Cements Presence on eSports Market, Sponsoring ESG Tour

PvPro Gaming announced that the international online gambling company Betway is to be the major sponsor of the ESG Tour, which is set to kick off on 7th September in the Greek island of Mykonos. The competition is to offer a massive prize of £200,000 for the winner, solidifying Betway’s reputation on the thriving eSports market. Under the sponsorship deal between PvPro and Betway, the latter is to offer live odds updates throughout the tournament and to be in charge of the naming rights to the ESG Tour.
The news for the Betway’s sponsorship did not surprise the gaming community, as earlier this year the operator has penned a partnership deal with the ESL Pro League 2017. By being the head sponsor of the upcoming ESG Tour, the operator aims to further increase the popularity of the eSports sector, as a currently developing market. According to the calculations of different market specialists, the eSports market will worth around $1.5 billion by 2020. Hence, it is not a surprise that there are so many operators, which are seeking to enter the enticing booming market. Betway is not an exception as the operator is always trying to expand its presence in the market by collaborating with various partners.
About Betway
Betway is one the most well-known operators around the globe, holding two licenses issued by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. In 2015 the operator has introduced its gaming site to the players for the first time, which eventually has become one of the world’s top 10. Over the years, Betway has established an immaculate reputation and proved its dedication to the development of the eSports sector. The operator is also among the founders of the ESports Integrity Coalition (ESIC). Betway’s greatest advantage is that it is already a renown brand on the gaming scene and it earned the trust of the players.
About the Tournament
It was reported that 8 of the world’s best teams, including Virtus Pro, BiG, Team Liquid, Team EnVyUs, SK Gaming, mouz and others, will participate in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition for the top prize. The tournament is sponsored by PvPro and it will allow players to enter a specially designed platform to compete against each other. Earlier this year, the organizers of the tournament explained that what is most special for the event is that unlike all the rest, the ESG Tour is to take place only at luxurious resorts and unconventional places. What is more is that all the enthusiasts will be able to place bets on the outcome of the tournament.

Pickering Casino Resort Well-Positioned for April Launch

Pickering Casino Resort is preparing for its official launch projected to happen this April. As it was recently confirmed by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, construction work in Pickering is progressing according to the initially issued schedule and the integrated resort is about to be finished on time. The Las Vegas-style casino location is aiming to welcome its first casino patrons by April, in time for the busy summer season.

Gaming development and expansion are among the main goals Great Canadian Gaming has set for the upcoming years and the casino operator works restlessly to achieve it. Bringing new gaming opportunities to the City of Pickering has been a goal over the past couple of years, ever since the project was first announced. One Toronto Gaming is the company working on it.
Pickering Casino Resort Ready to Launch in April

Pickering Casino Resort is about to introduce a 330,000-square-foot casino floor filled with some of the most riveting gambling offerings out there. The ultimate goal for this venue is to live up to the expectations of locals ready to gamble and ship them closer to the great cash payouts there are on offer. This April is expected to see the official launch, giving enough time for action.

Great Canadian Gaming Marks Gaming Revenue Jump ahead of Pickering Launch

As it has been recently confirmed, the casino resort is following its initial schedule of construction, making sure that there are no delays ahead of the official opening date. Chris Dikeakos Architects and CGL Architects are working on the unique design of this casino location, elevating its state-of-art appearance. The gambling venue is about to be the first phase of the larger project, including family-friendly offerings.

Great Canadian Gaming Touts Pickering Casino Resort Welcoming 2,000 Employees

Players in the Pickering region are in for a treat, as they would be able to enjoy some 2,350 slot machines, as well as 100 gaming tables. This would spell diverse gaming for the region. Once sports wagering on single sports events is legalized, Canadians would also have the opportunity to place legal wagers and win big.
Fall Months See Family-Friendly Offerings
The year 2020 would be filled with exciting opening dates, as this fall is projected to see the official launch of Pickering Casino Resort’s family-friendly offerings and the accommodation. People traveling to Pickering would have the chance to book a room at the five-star hotel tower, offering a total of 225 rooms. Such availability would be enough for the scale of the project.

Durham Live Casino Project in Pickering Expected to Open in 2019

This year is also scheduled to bring the concert venue coming with this first phase. It would introduce 2,500 seats for grand concerts and various live events that would transform Pickering into one of the entertainment hotspots in the region. The gambling venue is expected to create a total of 2,500 new jobs for the local employment market, which has been one of its main selling points.

Uncertain Future for Ajax Downs Sparks War Over Durham Live Casino in Pickering

The entire special zone, including the second phase, is about to create additional 7,500 jobs for locals to land. It would include food offerings and dining locations, another hotel tower, a 100,000-square-foot convention center, as well as TriBro Studios film studio district. With its 250,000 square feet of footprint, it would be the largest one in the Great White North.

Record-Breaking Lottery Jackpots in Canada

The idea to turn only a handful of coins into a life-changing prize has enticed many people over the years to buy a lottery ticket and give it a try. Even the least money-focused has at least once tried their luck. Unfortunately, the chances to hit the jackpot appears to be not as high as we wished to be.
Nevertheless, hope dies last and that is the reason why such a great number of people buy the lottery tickets, waiting for the Powerball to “choose” their lucky numbers. What is more is that people get encouraged when they hear the enticing story of someone, who hit the jackpot.
Every country boasts the story of big jackpots and Canada is not an exception to the rule. The ones, who are interested in lottery most probably have heard the name of Zhe Wang, the woman who stroke the largest-ever lottery jackpot worth $64 million. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) reported that the lucky woman did not need to share the prize, as she was the only one to hold the winning ticket.
Ms. Wang pocketed the massive winning only by buying one single Lotto 6/ 49 ticket at a Petro-Canada station in Mississauga on 17th October 2015 for a top jackpot of $64million. This amount set a new record in the Canadian lottery history and it is still recognized as the biggest ever.
Two years earlier, and more precisely in April 2013, the largest jackpot at that time topped the impressive size of $63.4 million.
The third largest lottery jackpot was won by a group of workers in 2005. The amount, which they shared with each other was as high as $54.3 million.
It is interesting to note that Lotto 6/ 49 is one of the three lotteries in Canada, allowing players to choose 6 numbers out of 49 in total. Every Wednesday and Saturday the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation announce the winning numbers. The idea is to match all the 6 drawn numbers in order to strike the jackpot. In case that more people match all the winning 6 numbers, the jackpot is split between them. The players, who match at least 3 numbers also get a cash prize.
In 2004, the national lottery decided to increase the prices of the lottery tickets, which resulted in higher cash awards. Prior to the increase of the tickets’ prices, the biggest Lotto 6/ 49 jackpot was reported to be $26.4 million. After the reported jackpots, the national Canadian lotteries witnessed an increase in the number of tickets, which they sell.

Woodbine Ent. Bids Farewell to Da Silva’s Thoroughbred Jockey Career

Woodbine Entertainment praises its horse people as well as the individuals making their way to its horse racing tracks, as it is evident by the most recent announcement. December 7 is going to become a day of celebrating Eurico Rosa Da Silva, as the renowned jockey is about to retire mid-December. He is among the most successful jockeys at Woodbine.

Despite the myriad of successes one has had throughout their career, everything has to come to an end with a retirement that would go down in history. One of the renowned jockeys at Woodbine Racetrack is about to see his last races this year. Mr. Da Silva announced earlier this year that his professional career would come to an end this year, coinciding with the end of the 2019 Thoroughbred season on site – December 15.
Horse Racing Successes Galore

Woodbine Entertainment issued its official answer, making it clear that next Saturday is going to be dedicated to one of its most accomplished jockeys – Mr. Da Silva. The 44-year-old jockey is known for his wide experience in the Thoroughbred industry, confirmed by his five titles as the leading jockey of this racetrack.

Woodbine Racetrack Takes Care of Customers with High-Tech Valet Offering

This year might win him his sixth one further solidifying his position. Solely the year 2018 resulted in as many as 237 victories across the Thoroughbred meet. This is a record-breaking performance, as he outperformed Mickey Walls, another renowned jockey at Woodbine. He has managed to set the record of 221 wins in a single meet in 1991, making it a special year. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this jockey is known for his extensive career taking him around the world.

Woodbine Ent. CEO Spread too Thin, Reportedly Ready to Exit CFL

His first steps in the horse racing industry were made in his home country, but soon his talent took him all the way to Macau. Ever since 2004, he is part of the Woodbine horse people, marking some of his best races. Mr. Da Silva has bagged the Outstanding Jockey award six times in the past. This year was a special one for Woodbine Entertainment, as it saw the 160th running of Queen’s Plate at Woodbine Racetrack.
December 15 Brings Retirement
July 29 was a special day for locals, as One Bad Boy managed to demolish all rivals on its way to the first place and the cash prize reaching CA$1 million. This was the first leg of the three-legged Canadian Triple Crown transforming every summer in Canada. Queen’s Plate is the longest-running live race in North America and as such it enjoys the popularity of monumental magnitude.

Woodbine Entertainment Bolsters Local Thoroughbred, Standardbred Racing

Mr. Da Silva has two titles of this race, with Eye of the Leopard in 2009 and Big Red Mike in 2010, making the two consecutive years more than special. Next Saturday is about to see a special day of celebration, with Mr. Da Silva taking a central part. He will be part of a special meet & greet event and autograph signing on December 7. All fans are in for a treat, as they will have the chance to meet the famous jockey and commemorate the moment with a photo.

Woodbine Touts Record-Breaking Breeders Crown Wagers, Donations

Locals will also have the chance to purchase limited merchandise with Mr. Da Silva’s signature catchphrases. They will also have the chance to donate to the LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society and support the horses in need of new families following their racing career at Woodbine Racetrack. At 1:05 p.m. the renowned jockey will be part of a winner’s circle ceremony too.

Officials Remain Optimistic Despite Revenues Slide at Pittsburg Casino

The new Kansas Crossing casino in Pittsburg, which managed to win over two other bids for a casino in Southeast Kansas and opened at the end of March this year, reported that its revenues cannot reach the projected monthly peak of $3 million, but the officials’ comments on the matter were permeated with optimism.
Revenues slide at Kansas Crossing casino in Pittsburg, but the officials still think that the glass is half full. Prior to the opening of the casino in the very late of March, financial specialists evaluated that the casino has the potential to reap as much as $3 million per month.
The reality seems to be a bit different as only a few months after the opening of the casino, it could not reach the projected amount. In a financial report, Kansas Crossing reported that for the 4 months of operation, the casino’s income is fluctuating between $2 million and $2.4 million per month. The numbers show that the casino did not achieve the projected success since its opening.
The revenue decline resulted in shrinking the casino staff with 10 people out of around 400 in total. Moreover, on Thursday, General Manager Doug Fisher officially announced that the casino is cutting also the operating hours of the table games, starting from 10 am until 2 am. He added that the main reason for the casino to chip away at hours is to meet the needs of players.
Keith Kocher, the director of gaming facilities with the Kansas Lottery explained that this is not a disturbing fact, as Kansas Crossing is not the only one, which is cutting the operational hours. Kocher pointed out that it is normal that the casino revenues plummet during the summer as most of their regular players are on holidays. The official also added that the tax revenues, which enters the state’s coffers are insignificant and the registered revenue decline will not affect the budget in any way, as it is relatively stable. It is interesting to note that the casino pays 22% of its income to the state’s government.
Daron Hall, Pittsburg City Manager commented that the additional revenues generated by the casino operations are savings for rainy days and the budget does not rely on the money.
There is also a silver lining in the cloud for Kansas Crossing, as with the coming of the fall, the regular players are expected to come back from their vacations and continue with their gambling pastime. The casino cut the number of its employees as well as the operating hours of the table games, aiming to shrink its expenses, but it should be mentioned that the revenue shortage is not that dramatic and has little, if no, impact on the casino itself.

Lotto MAX CA$60M Jackpot Claimed at the Eleventh Hour, Enhanced Online Gaming by ALC

Lottery jackpots could wait for their winners no longer than twelve months, which gives players the opportunity to make up their mind and decide whether or not they want to have their life completely changed.
A winner eligible for a CA $60-million Lotto MAX jackpot recently made the crucial decision to contact the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Office. This Wednesday is going to see the official prize claim. There are many reasons why a player could refrain from bagging the lottery prize they have won.
Those could range from misplacing or destroying the lottery ticket to simply not being mentally prepared for the impact of a windfall on one’s life. A player hailing from Edmonton has taken some 10 months to make up their mind on a Lotto MAX jackpot reaching CA$60 million and they are about to bag it soon.
Jackpot Claimed Just in Time
The Crown corporation made an official announcement that an Edmonton player would very soon bag their CA$60 million jackpot. This Wednesday is going to see the prize claim at 10 a.m. at St. Albert’s office and the long-anticipated name reveal of the winner.

Lotto MAX Returns with a CA$40M Main Prize, Lotto 6/49 Keeps on Giving

October 26, 2018 was a special date, as this is when the Lotto MAX favorite lottery offering had its regular draw. As for the winning numbers, those were 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 20, and 30 with the bonus number 45.

We Know Who Won Lotto MAX CA$60M but Who Will Bag CA$26M in Ontario?

They might have a special significance for the winner and this Wednesday is about to reveal the story around it. The jackpot had its expiry date, in this case October 26 and Alberta was rapidly approaching this last chance.

Lotto 6/49 Would Drop CA$9M Jackpot in Ontario, More Winners Expected

Earlier this year and months after the winning draw, projections have been made, that the jackpot would never be claimed. In this case, the amount goes back to the overall pot and is later on dispersed via additional prizes and community support guaranteed by the lottery corporations. Meanwhile, British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced a Lumby player recently bagged CA$150,000 thanks to the Crossword Extreme Scratch and Win game.
Atlantic Lottery Corporation Offers More
Tyler Prosser purchased the winning ticket at a 7-Eleven in Vernon which put him on the path of success. His birthday was also recently and for him, this is the best surprise. For the time being, he has not made any purchase plans, but he is thinking of moving to a new place and making the best of this birthday windfall.

Quebec Lotto Millionaire Couple’s 4-Year-Old Reassures It Will Be Okay

Lottery gaming is not the sole gaming offering that could change one’s life. Atlantic Lottery Corporation, another leader in the Canadian gaming field recently announced the official launch of LottoInteractive’s Star Match via the premium Remote Game Server. The online game is powered by IWG, a partner that has been right beside ALC for the long run.

Quebec Online Player Bags CA$1,004,723, Lotto Jackpots Remain Untouched

Players now have the opportunity to try their luck at matching sparkling gems and possibly win big. The game has been introduced to Canadian players initially through a collaboration with British Columbia Lottery Corporation and now with Atlantic Lottery Corporation. LottoInteractive is proud to be exploring the local markets and attracting an even larger crowd

Overtaxation Threatens Kenya’s Betting Industry

Many sports federations warned that the recently-introduced by President Uhuru Kenyatta legislation, aiming to double up taxation on betting companies to 35%, may damage the betting industry in Kenya, vexing operators to leave the local gaming market and never look back again.
A number of organizations and federations, which are operating under the patronage of different betting firms raised concerns that the President’s proposal to raise the tax rate may damage the betting industry in Kenya. The federations urged lawmakers to rethink the overall situation, before taking any decision. President Uhuru Kenyatta came up with that proposal in June, declining the lawmakers’ advice to keep the former 15% tax. Mr. Kenyatta’s decision triggered a great reluctance by the betting companies.
It was explained that by doubling up the taxes, Mr. Kenyatta is trying to bridge some gaps in the budget. But this may produce exactly the opposite effect, as many operators started to consider exiting the Kenyan market. According to a recent research, conducted by Trends and Insights for Africa (TIFA), the majority of the nationals (around 60%) oppose the newly introduced Law.
The results from the research also showed that 22% voted in favor of the new Law, outlining the risk of social ills and gambling problems as the reasons for their stance. Most of the people, who supported the implementation of the Law are above 45 years old.
In an exclusive interview with Capital Sports, Kenyan Premier League Chief Executive Officer Jack Oguda explained that the new taxation will decrease betting companies’ investment in sports, which will increase the unemployment rate, as many young people are engaged in the sports sector. Currently, betting firms financially support the sports development in Kenya, as it witnessed a significant decline over the past years. SportPesa’s representatives, a betting firm which invests heavily in Kenyan sports, commented that supposing that the new Law comes into effect, they will reconsider the company’s expenses.
The betting companies are the main sponsors of the Football Kenya Federation, Kenyan Premier League, Kenya Rugby Union, the Boxing Association of Kenya, the Extreme Sports Super Eight League as well as Gor Mahia, AFC Leopards, Nakuru All Stars and Kenya Harlequins Rugby Club. The new Kenyan Law may lead to the exodus of betting companies and leave the sports entities with a threadbare budget.
The proposal unleashed a wave of lobbying over the tax increase, aiming to convince authorities that the implementation of the new Law threatens the development of the local sports, as well as the current 15% revenues, which the government secures from the betting operators.
The MPs should take the matters in hands, as they will take the final decision to implement the new Law or retain the old taxation system.

Quebec Lotto MAX Player is Canada’s Next Multimillionaire Eligible for CA$65M

The lottery hype all around Canada became an even bigger one this week, as Tuesday’s draw was a more special one. While everyone was fretting over the jackpot reaching its newly set cap of CA$70 million, the seven crucial numbers for the jackpot winning matched with those on a single ticket purchased in Quebec.
This essentially means that a Quebec Lotto MAX player is now eligible for a grand jackpot of approximately CA$65 million. All eyes were set on this Tuesday’s draw, mainly because for the past weeks the Lotto MAX jackpot has been progressively growing to entirely new heights.
Never before had a Canadian lottery jackpot reached the colossal sum of nearly CA$65 million. Such a record-breaking accomplishment was praised on a national level, eventually leading to an even bigger interest towards the game and more ticket purchases.
Grand Jackpot Awaits Winner
The draw was special not only because of the main prize but also with the numerous chances of winning big. This Tuesday draw brought to its lottery enthusiasts a total of 10 CA$1-million MAXMILLION prizes that awaited their lucky winner. The bigger the main prize, the more generous all additional prizes become, such was the case in this regular Lotto MAX draw.
Said CA$1-million prizes become even more once the main prize jackpot surpasses the CA$50-million mark. One of those could very soon make its way to Regina, Saskatchewan, as the fortunate ticket has the number combination 02, 08, 15, 26, 28, 33, 50 printed on it. As for the main prize, a total of CA$70,706,032 will soon be bagged by Lotto MAX enthusiasts from near and far.
A ticket purchased in Quebec was able to match all seven of the drawn numbers needed for the main prize. Those were 18, 23, 28, 32, 34, 44, and 50 and for the eventual winner hailing from Quebec they might have a special significance. At the beginning of this week, concerns were expressed that the chances of winning the Lotto MAX grand jackpot have decreased significantly.
Lotto MAX Reigns in a New Era
Up until May 11, the odds of matching all seven drawn digits were 1 in 28 million, chances guaranteeing jackpot on a more regular basis. Mid-May the five lottery corporation agreed to introduce a cap increase, as well as the additional number 50 to the overall number of balls included in every draw. This eventually worsened the odds of matching all of them to 1 in 33,294,800.
May 14 saw the first Tuesday draw in Lotto MAX’ history, attracting quite the attention. In response to the concerned players claiming that the additional number has decreased their chances of winning big, lottery corporations pointed out that this has been a request by many individuals playing on a regular basis. In essence, the Crown corporations have listened to Canadian lottery players and given them what they demand.
Apart from the grand jackpot of CA$65 million, this draw was also able to grant two CA$425,809.80 prizes for those players who managed to match six of the drawn numbers plus the additional number 29. Thus it further increased the overall amount of cash won during June 11 draw. All residents of Quebec are advised to check their pickets and homes for Lotto MAX tickets, as they might be Canada’s next multimillionaire.

Macau’s Stanley Ho Gives His Position at Shun Tak Holdings to His Daughter

Stanley Ho is about to give his daughter the reins of his legendary Shun Tak Holdings Ltd. after his work on it for the last more than four decades. Pansy Ho will be in charge of the Hong Kong conglomerate, as his father has stepped down from his Chairman position and is also no longer a director or officer at the company.
From now on the 95-year-old tycoon is going to be a Chairman Emeritus, which is a designation which is often given as a reward and a sign of appreciation to retired founders or corporative visionaries, who have done a lot or their company and brought it to new heights. The organization owns businesses in property, shipping, hospitality, and investment. After the stroke he suffered in 2009, he began gradually decentralizing his company and giving family members the opportunity to manage it.
Stanley Ho is Macau’s wealthiest man and one of the richest in Asia. His net worth is US$2 billion, which makes him the 13th wealthiest man in Hong Kong. He has four wives and sixteen children some of which are in the gambling industry as well. Being the head of one of the most profitable businesses through SJM Holdings, Ho is considered one of the main reasons why Macau is the gambling hub ti is now. He helped the then developing peninsula to become Asia’s biggest gambling location, attracting enthusiasts from all around the world. By monopolizing gaming on a local level, he acquired ownership of more than 50 percent of the territory’s economy, which truly made him “The King of Macau” as he is unofficially known.
One of his daughters, Pansy Ho was the Managing Director of Shun Tak Holdings, until recently. Her new position as the Executive Chairman is no surprise to anyone since she already has shown her managing potential in the company. She has two sisters working in the company – Daisy Ho is Deputy Managing Director and Maisy Ho is currently Executive Director of the corporation. Their father’s investments cover the territories of Mozambique, East Timor, the Philippines, China, Indonesia, North Korea, Portugal, and Vietnam.
Apart from being the new Executive Chairman, Pansy is also a director of Shun Tak Shipping Company Ltd., Renita Investment Ltd., Oakmount Holdings Ltd., and a couple more companies. In 2015 she has also been given the Justice of the Peace title by the government of Macau and she has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and international business management from the University of Santa Clara, US. For her role as a director of Shun Tak Holdings, Pansy Ho is going to receive annual fees of HK$ 50,000 (US$ 6,411 million) as well as an additional HK$ 60,000 (US$ 7,693 million) for being in the position of director of a subsidiary.