Gateway Casinos Readies for Wasaga Beach Casino Construction Work

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment has officially made up its mind and chosen the site of its new casino venue in Wasaga Beach. The casino operator issued the information this week revealing that the new venue is going to be built in the vicinity of Mosley Street roundabout. The new gambling location is estimated to attract the largest crowd from Wasaga Beach and neighboring communities.
A long-anticipated announcement arrived at Wasaga Beach this Thursday, as the casino operator made its decision following careful evaluation of all five proposed sites. Considering all relevant factors resulted in the pinpointing of the well-known roundabout as their final choice. The area was eyed as one of the most likely to be chosen by the gambling operator for its future gaming operation in the area.
Casino Operator Announced Official Decision
The chosen area amounts to a 7.5-acre land lot in the west end of Wasaga Beach and is in an important for the community zone of the town. It is situated near Highway 26, providing a constant flow of potential casino patrons and easy access to the venue. It is also in the vicinity of Beachwood Drive, another prosperous part of Wasaga Beach.
It could be recalled that the beachfront area was considered a viable option for casino operation, according to local businesses operating in the lively part of the town. Ever since October the casino operator has considered the five proposed options by the City Council and speculations were swirling around. Mayor Nina Bifolchi pointed out that local officials welcome the announcement and now it is time for the next step of the project.
Now that the chosen area of construction is announced, the provincial government gets to have a saying and give its approval. Only after this matter is settled, construction work on site would be allowed to start. Projections are it could commence in the upcoming weeks. The previously issued timeline of the casino construction highlighted the summer of 2020 as the projected time of grand opening.
Official Launch in the Summer of 2020
The new gaming venue is about to give the local employment market a steady push, as it would need some 150 individuals at various positions. Job interviews are going to take place in the months ahead of the launch of operation. In addition to that, another positive impact to the community would be the revenue sharing agreement that would guarantee regular allocations to the city coffers.
At this point, projections made promise the area would have to brace for annual cheques of CA$1.5 million to CA$2 million which could then be used for various local projects, local improvements, and beautification work around Wasaga Beach. The new complex will not focus solely on gaming, however, as it would also feature more family-friendly offerings. Gateway Casinos signature dining offerings are about to become the new hotspot.
Keith Andrews, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Gateway Casinos Ontario announced the land transaction is expected to happen in the upcoming weeks paving the way for future development. Gateway Casinos will make April special with the launch of the renovated and rebranded Playtime Hanover following a CA$18-million investment. The month of July is also going to see the grand opening of the CA$36-million Cascades Casino in Chatham-Kent.

Great Canadian’s Head of Compliance Robert Kroeker Resigns from JIBC Board

Robert Kroeker, who has been occupying the position of chair of the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s Board of Governors, is resigning from his job.
He has announced his decision only days after the regulatory group Integrity BC questioned whether he had the right to occupy a chief position at an organization, which offers law enforcement courses and which is also engaged with sheriffs and corrections officers’ training, considering his connections with Great Canadian Gaming Corp.
Mr. Kroeker has been working as head of compliance at the company at the time when the BC Government has been holding an investigation into alleged illegal money laundering schemes taking place at the operator’s River Rock Casino in Charlton.
Robert Kroeker said in a statement posted on the website of the Justice Institute that the institution was distracted from its core mandate due to increased media attention towards the school. He explained that neither other board members, nor any staff members and students should be subjected to what he called “intrusions”. He explained that he has made the decision to step down from his position as a board executive with immediate effect in order to make sure that the work of JIBC and its staff may not be disrupted any further.
Mr. Kroeker will keep his position as a vice-president of British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s corporate security and compliance department.
Was There Conflict of Interests?
Still, as Global News revealed, Integrity BC’s Dermot Travis shared that it is the association of Mr. Kroeker with the gambling operator rather the media attention brought to the case which should be found concerning. He highlighted the fact that Kroeker’s employment at the Great Canadian Gaming Corp. was removed from his bio published on the Justice Institute’s website prior to any of the coverage this got in media hubs.
According to Mr. Travis, the above-mentioned act came to demonstrate how inappropriate that employment was considering Kroeker’s position at the Justice Institute.

Robert Kroeker, Chief Compliance Officer at the BCLC, was formerly VP of Corporate Security and Compliance at Great Canadian Gaming, parent company of the River Rock Casino. The fox is guarding the hen house.
— Garth Goode (@GGood987) August 29, 2018

For some time now, the connection of Robert Kroeker with the BC Lottery Corp. and the Great Canadian Gaming Corp. have raised some questions related to possible conflict of interests, especially in terms of the illegal money-laundering schemes which took place at the Hard Rock Casino which is owned and operated by Great Canadian Gaming.

He needs to resign from that position as well. It is a complete farce given his previous denial in 2015 that money laundering cannot take place at the River Rock Casino. That blatant statement destroys all of his credibility as VP of Corporate Security and Compliance at the BCLC.
— Garth Goode (@GGood987) October 5, 2018

At the end of August, he sent an e-mail to the executives of the Great Canadian, informing them that the BCLC took its compliance responsibilities extremely seriously, especially when anti-money laundering measures, terrorist organizations’ financing and personal privacy were concerned. Still, despite his cooperation at the time when the investigation of the Hard Rock Casino scheme took place, his occupation at the venue was considered questionable, considering the fact that he could not be absolutely impartial as head of compliance at the Great Canadian.

Gateway Casinos Celebrates Grand Opening of Starlight Casino Edmonton

The Canadian gambling operator Gateway Casinos & Entertainment celebrated the grand opening of the Starlight Casino Edmonton. Situated in West Edmonton Mall, the latest development of the company includes a space of 120,000 square feet for gaming and entertainment and comes as part of Gateway鈥檚 efforts to further expand and consolidate its presence in Canada.
The grand opening of the place came after a mind-blowing CA$57-million renovation and rebranding of the former Palace Casino to Starlight Casino Edmonton.
鈥淭oday marks the start of the next chapter at the iconic West Edmonton Mall鈥?– Tony Santo, CEO of Gateway Casinos
The official opening ceremony was attended by more than 500 community leaders and project partners, as well as by official representatives of Gateway Casinos, His Honorable Mayor Don Iveson, Minister Deron Bilous, etc. According to Mr. Santo, the opening of the newest gaming and entertainment destination in Edmonton comes as the perfect compliment to the landmark which West Edmonton Mall has always been.

Grand opening this afternoon for what is now the largest casino in #yeg. Starlight Casino at West Edmonton Mall is a 120,000 sq/ft entertainment complex after $57 million dollars in renovations to a preexisting casino and the hiring of 300 new employees. @ctvedmonton
— Sean Amato (@JSJamato) September 26, 2018

The Stollery Children鈥檚 Hospital Foundation has been selected as the charity partner of Gateway for the grand opening. Donations of the sites鈥?food and beverage sales are set to be donated to The Stollery in the period from September 26th to October 31st to support the work of the Children鈥檚 Hospital.
Gateway Casinos Remains Focused on Portfolio Expansion
The celebrations of the grand opening continued in the evening, with various entertainments available. The festivities are also expected to continue throughout the weekend as well, with live entertainment, giveaways, special surprises and other events to be held.
The Mayor of Edmonton, Don Iveson, commented on the opening of the Starlight Casino, saying that it will not only open hundreds of new jobs in the city but will also allow local residents and visitors to enjoy an excellent option for gaming and entertainment. The Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Deron Bilous, shared that the CA$57-million investment, along with the 300+ new jobs created thanks to the project came as a sign of investor confidence in the growing economy of the place.

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The newly-opened Starlight Casino Edmonton has now joined Grand Villa Edmonton as another one of the premier entertainment destinations not only in the city but in the province as well. The owner of the two places 鈥?Gateway Casinos 鈥?has made investments totaling almost CA$90 million in the economy of the city. It also created more than 550 new jobs in Edmonton鈥檚 job market.
The opening of the new gaming and entertainment hub has also expanded the casino and hospitality properties鈥?portfolio of Gateway Casinos. Currently, the company operates 25 functioning facilities in British Columbia, Ontario and Edmonton. Only three years ago, in 2015, the operator had only 12 properties. At present times, it continues to work on some of its newest projects, such as the planned CA$70-million development in Delta, as well as more gambling properties renovations in Chanses Courtenay, Kelowna and Chances Campbell River.

Gateway Casinos Reaches Tentative Agreement with BCGEU That Could End Okanagan Casinos Workers’ Strike

The four-month strike of the union member workers of Gateway Casinos has been brought to an end. A tentative agreement has been reached between the Canadian gambling operator and the British Columbia Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU), as revealed by the workers’ union in a short e-mail.
A spokesperson for Gateway Casinos also confirmed that the two arguing parties had managed to reach an agreement in the Thompson Okanagan, but refused to make further comments on the situation until BCGEU members’ vote. In case that the union members vote in favor of the tentative agreement, about 700 picketers will return to their workplaces. The Canadian casino and gambling operator explained that it is reviewing the provisional agreement’s terms and is expecting further details about the deal’s ratification to be provided by the worker union.
The President of the BCGEU, Stephanie Smith, used the official Twitter account of the workers’ union to make an announcement for the tentative agreement with Gateway Casinos and praised the union’s bargaining committee for its efforts in the process.

Tentative agreements at Gateway Thompson-Okanagan, Grand Villa and Starlight. Bargaining Committees worked tirelessly over months – including 10 days of marathon bargaining ending at 3:30 am Thursday morning when all three reached deals. Now it's up to members to vote!
— BCGEU (@bcgeu) November 1, 2018

According to the information shared by the casino workers’ union, more information about the agreement are set to be made public in the upcoming week at the hearings set to give workers the chance to ratify the deal or not. The BCGEU further revealed that employees will remain on the picket lines until a final decision on the provisional agreement is made.
Okanagan Casinos Workers Remain on the Picket Line for over Four Months
The strike started on July 1st, when employees at four Okanagan Casinos – Lace City Vernon, Playtime Kelowna, Cascades Kamloops and Cascades Penticton – left their workplaces and demanded from the gambling operator to increase their wages to match the “living wages” in the region. Approximately 675 casino workers were involved in the strike, which has been going on for more than four months now.
At first, Gateway Casinos said that the British Columbia Government and Service Employees Union had made wage-increase demands which it called “unreasonable”. At the time, the gambling operator further revealed that such demands would hold up the process of the two parties coming to a resolution.
The strike of the casino workers at the four Okanagan Casinos started at a time when the casino industry in the province of British Columbia faced the criticism of the local authorities, following the independent report of Mr. Peter German which proved that BC casinos have been used as “laundromats” to wash dirty money of international crime groups and organizations. The beginning of the strike also came at a time when workers at Coquitlam’s Hard Rock Casino had also been on the picket line.
The strike of the Hard Rock Casino’s workers in Coquitlam, however, was brought to an end in late July after a deal was reached by the casino’s owners – the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation – and BCGEU.

Casino Workers Rally at BCLC’s Offices to Call for Respect, Fair Wages

More than a hundred unionized casino workers held a rally at the offices of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation in Vancouver on Monday, demanding fairness across the gaming industry. They signed a petition asking the government-run agency to intervene in the month-long Hard Rock Casino Vancouver labour strike and to make sure workers receive fair wages and respect from employers and customers.
Workers from several casinos in British Columbia rallied at BCLC’s offices in Vancouver in the early afternoon on Monday. They are members of the BC Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU), a union which represents thousands of casino workers across the province. After the rally, they planned to meet with BCLC officials and present them with over 700 petition cards signed by casino employees. According to the union’s president, Stephanie Smith, however, the management of the agency would not meet their delegation, so they had to push the petition cards through a tiny gap between the doors.
With their petition cards, workers and the union are appealing the BCLC to take action and ensure fairness in the gaming sector, Smith says. According to her, private casino operators pay their employees low wages while generating millions of dollars in profits. Companies such as Great Canadian Gaming Corp. and Gateway Casinos simply refuse to pay living wages and this has to stop, she points out, adding that the BCLC has the right and responsibility to “step in and fix the problems” in the industry.
Under British Columbia’s Gaming Control Act, the BCLC is a Crown corporation which manages all gaming operations in the province from behalf of the government. It has the authority to run casinos, so it should be able to intervene in the conflict between private companies and workers, the union believes. The agency should also negotiate better conditions for workers and guarantee they are treated fairly and respectfully at all gaming facilities in the province, the BCGEU also explains.
The BCLC did not wish to comment or talk to the rallying workers but StarMetro cites a statement from it, in which the agency explains it cannot intervene in labour disputes. Meanwhile, the strike at Hard Rock Casino Vancouver continues, although the casino remains operational.
400 Workers Strike at Coquitlam’s Hard Rock Casino
Around 400 employees of Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam, Metro Vancouver, announced strike action on May 11, after they rejected a proposal from casino owners, Great Canadian Gaming. The workers are represented by the BCGEU and according to the union, they have not been able to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement with the casino for 16 months.
While the labour strike continues for a month now, the facility remains operational, staffed by some of the workers and the management. BCGEU’s campaigning is a huge “disappointment”, according to Chuck Keeling, vice-president of stakeholder relations at Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. He claims the company has already addressed most of the concerns, including wages and benefits. Still, the two sides have apparently not been able to find common ground on these issues. Otherwise, workers would be picketing in the past month.
In the meantime, nearly 700 casino workers and members of BCGEU in the Okanagan region voted in favour of a strike. They work at four facilities operated by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, the same company, which manages Grand Villa and the Starlight casinos. Currently, around 1,000 workers there negotiate for better wages and working conditions.

New $36 Million Chatham Casino to Open in 2019

Canadian company Gateway Casinos and Entertainment announced on Wednesday it is investing CA$36 million in a brand new casino facility in Chatham. Cascades Casino Chatham, expected to open in mid-2019, will replace the existing Dresden slots facility and will create up to 200 jobs in the area.
At a presentation in Chatham, Ontario, on Wednesday, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd. CEO Tony Santo and Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope unveiled plans for the new gambling venue which will be built at 615 Richmond St. at the northeast corner of Richmond and Keil Drive. The private operator will break ground for the 50,000 square foot building in the upcoming months with the grand opening scheduled for the summer of 2019. The details about the casino come after the official announcement for the project was made earlier this month.
The Cascades-branded casino will be the first newly constructed Gateway gambling venue in Ontario where the company has already taken over several facilities formerly operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). As part of OLG’s huge modernization effort, Gateway was selected as the new service operator for a number of gambling venues across southwestern Ontario, including those in London, Point Edward, Dresden and Hanover. More facilities will be opened in North Bay, Kenora and the Collingwood area in the future, also said Santo.
While initially, it was unclear whether the new project in Chatham-Kent would replace the slots venue in Dresden, officials said on Wednesday that the old slots place will be closed in 2020. However, its employees will be a priority for Gateway when it starts hiring for the new Cascades casino. Moreover, up to 200 jobs will be created in the area, according to company representatives, especially considering that this will be much more than just a gaming facility.
The New Cascades Casino Chatham
Gateway’s new casino will be built on a currently vacant lot at the site of the former Wheel Inn Hotel at the corner of Richmond Street and Keil Drive. The 50,000-sq. ft. property beside the John D. Bradley Convention Centre will be an entertainment hub rather than just a casino with a food and beverage area separated from the gaming floor. The casino part will have 333 slot machines and 10 table games, which is nearly twice the gaming space as the Dresden venue.
The signature restaurant brands of Gateway, Match Eatery & Public House and the Buffet, will be added as dining options to the casino, as well as a sports bar. The nearly 100 employees from the Dresden slots venue will be offered positions and up to 100 more jobs will be provided in the gaming and restaurant areas of the facility. The company’s CEO Tony Santo also points out that the new, considerably larger casino will also mean higher revenues for the city coffers.
Currently, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation pays the municipality of Chatham-Kent a portion of the gambling revenues worth approximately $700,000 a year. With the Cascades Casino, this amount is expected to jump over a million dollars. If Gateway wants the casino to open by mid-2019, the company needs to start construction work this summer. But the casino still needs approval from the provincial government as well as rezoning approvals and other permits.

Japan to Tighten Measures Against Problem Gambling

The Japanese government is planning to introduce very strict regulations to address problem gambling in a market where integrated casino resorts are about to open for the first time. The new proposal includes a system which would allow family members to ban problem gamblers from entering casinos or to limit their visits.
The coalition government led by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party is still discussing a plan to limit the harmful effects of gambling on people. The latest proposal says that Japanese nationals and foreigners who reside within the country would be able to apply for self-exclusion, while their family members would be able to limit their casino visits or ban them altogether if these individuals are gambling addicts or considered in risk, The Japan Times reported on Thursday. The proposal would be submitted to the Diet, sources in the government and the ruling bloc said on Wednesday.
Casino operators would be obliged to monitor the number and frequency of visits of their customers and to restrict their access if necessary. In addition, a maximum number of 10 casino visits per month would be allowed, while there would be an entry fee of ¥2,000. In order to track individuals’ visits to different casino resorts, authorities are proposing a rigorous identification process that may include not only checking visitors’ official government My Number identity cards (which have an embedded IC chip), but also certain biometrics. According to some sources, this would consist of an advanced facial recognition technology or even vein recognition.
The restrictions and the casino entry ban could be lifted provided the individual in question submits an official document that shows they have undergone counseling, The Japan Times added. If they are considered capable of gambling without the risk of addiction, they would be allowed within the premises. All these rules and restrictions are designed to cut the number of local gambling addicts and, therefore, would not apply to tourists.
Why the Government Tries to Restrict Residents from Entering Casinos
Under the Penal Code, gambling in Japan is prohibited apart from several exceptions made in separate laws. They permit horse racing, motorcycle and bicycle racing, and motorboat racing, while the popular pachinko machines are considered gaming, not gambling. The ban on casinos was lifted in Japan last year when new legislation allowed them as long as they are part of the so-called “integrated resorts”. These are large properties that combine hotels, convention centers, retail space and other entertainment facilities.
These integrated casino resorts are expected to boost inbound tourism numbers, contribute to the regional economic development, and bring in huge tax revenue. The development of casino resorts is viewed by the government and the ruling party as a key factor in making Japan competitive in the Asian market. At the same time, gambling addictions are deemed a serious issue and a threat to the public health. According to a 2017 government survey, 3.2 million people are estimated to have been addicted to gambling at some point in their life, with most of them believed to be addicted to pachinko.
This is why the coalition government is now planning a system that would prohibit certain individuals from entering casinos. Since foreign tourists need to be attracted to the casino resorts, the restrictions, identity checks and probably even the entry fee would apply only to Japanese nationals or foreigners who live in the country.

Could Canadian Casinos Go Cashless?

Canadian brick-and-mortar casino venues might have to go through a radical change in the way it operates and collaborates with patrons. Paul Burns, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Gaming Association, stated that digital payments might be needed in the upcoming reopening phase of their operation, as this could protect their health going forward.

For quite a while, the idea of cashless casino venues has been discussed across the Canadian gaming facilities welcoming individuals on a daily basis. Back in 2019, the conversation was triggered by the growing concerns regarding money laundering. Gaming corporations were thinking of ways they could stop money laundering in land-based casino venues. The unprecedented situation and physical distancing might speed up the process.
Cashless Gaming Might be the Solution

Mr. Burns pointed out that the association overseeing gaming across the country has been working towards introducing advanced systems that could protect the integrity of gaming locations. The introduction of cashless gaming was proposed as a way for the venues to eliminate dirty cash and the proceeds of crime to be washed with the help of in-person gambling. British Columbia has been referred to as the laundromat province.

Cullen Commission Hears Baffling Money Laundering Info

Casino locations such as River Rock Casino in Richmond have been used in the past for the alleged laundering of copious amounts of cash. Going cashless could prevent this from happening. Mr. Burns has been in conversations when it comes to money-laundering prevention, however, the past three months have also had their impact on the Canadian gaming field. Introducing cashless casino gaming could protect the people.

B.C. Money Laundering Public Inquiry Enters Phase Two

Physical distancing is the recommended practice right now and eliminating cash payments on the premises of the casino would further promote this among the casino patrons. Handling cash ranks among the high-risk actions that could take place during in-person gambling right now. The table games available on the premises of the casinos are also high-risk areas, as they involve dice rolling and card games.
Delta Cashless Casino
The enclosed space of a land-based casino has been eyed as one of the places where both patrons and casino staff might put their health at risk. Alberta casino venues already received s green light to relaunch operation and this is the first Canadian province to do so. Manitoba shows signs of active preparation with orientation training in progress this week.

Delta Wants Nothing to Do with Casino Cash, But Would this Stop Money Laundering?

Delta, British Columbia was among the first regions to push for cashless gaming in the spring of 2019. Back then, local officials proposed the idea of a cashless casino venue that could potentially eliminate the issue and ensure that the new Cascades Casino would not attract dirty cash own the road. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is working on the new project that could launch in 2021.

Delta Mayor Seeks Ottawa’s Support for Cashless Cascades Casino in 2020

A draft report of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada failed to estimate the exact amount of dirty cash laundered, but according to the information listed in it, the overall sum could reach CA$40 billion. This triggered a reaction in Delta. The town borders Richmond, considered being the money laundering hub of British Columbia.

Wynn Resorts New CEO Negates Having Information Regarding Previous Sexual Misconduct Reports

The development of events around Wynn Resorts and its leading positions is a hot topic for everyone in the industry, as there are new happenings every day. The most recent information which revolves around the company’s name came from its newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Matt Maddox who claimed that he has had no information regarding the sexual misconduct allegations against the former CEO of the company, Steve Wynn.
According to Mr. Maddox who became the new leading position on 6th February, there have been no information or reports in relation to the alleged accusations which were reported by employees of the company. It could be recalled that there have been reports about such misconduct happenings dating back to 2009 which became public at the beginning of February. What is concerning both investors in the company and gambling authorities is the fact that actions have not been taken since the first report. This confirmation that everything in the company has been alright coming from a leading position in the company perfectly aligns with the position supported by Steve Wynn himself.
He claimed that all accusations of sexual misconduct are false and nothing of the sort has happened in his company. Following Mr. Wynn’s resignation, it became clear that some of the shareholders in the company are going to sue the board of the international casino developer because they failed to look into the allegations before the scandal became public. The lawsuit filed in Clark County, Nevada, claimed, based on press reports, that “a board representative” was notified of Wynn’s alleged misconduct in 2009 by Wynn’s then-wife Elaine. There is the possibility that if measures had been taken back then, the current situation would not have been this harmful to the investors in the company as well as for Mr. Wynn himself
Future Development of the Company
Mr. Maddox has been on a leading position in the company since 2013. He might be able to take the company on a different path and introduce a more innovative way of management to the company. Analysts in the industry stated that Mr. Maddox is already well-acquainted with the operations of Wynn and will be able to sustain the policy. Since he has been close to the former CEO, he might attempt to continue the vision of the company’s founder. Mr. Maddox joined the casino developer back in 2002, so he is well into the operation of the company and its business strategies.
He pointed out that for the last four years the management of Wynn Resorts has been working on a smooth transition towards a succession plan, so the company is now prepared for the turn of events and the sudden resignation of its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Maddox was the potential candidate for replacing Mr. Wynn and he deems himself able to continue the development of the brand and its future projects. In addition to that, the company is looking forward to improving the gender equality situation with the help of a new leadership initiative.

Hesitation Harms Lotto MAX Jackpot Winner?

Lottery jackpots have made the past weeks a special one for many Canadian lottery enthusiasts, as the Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 could make the life of two ticket holders much easier. However, taking their time to claim their tickets might end up being a good thing, as Greg Davenport, a financial adviser with Chatham’s Edward Jones, believes. Every week of hesitation results in a loss of interest.

Lotto MAX is among the popular draw-based lottery offerings that have been drawing the attention of more individuals over the past couple of weeks. It reached its Main prize cap once again which automatically meant that even more individuals were ready to purchase a ticket for the upcoming draw.
Jackpots Galore

This eventually increased their chances of winning the CA$70-million jackpot up for grabs. As it could be recalled, a ticket sold in the Chatham-Kent region became eligible for the jackpot in its entirety but for the time being, there are no players claiming to be in possession of the winning ticket.
In addition to this jackpot, Lotto 6/47 was also generous to its fans, as its Main prize of CA$16,460,052.50 managed to make a connection with one ticket. The winning draw took place on April 15. Both individuals in possession of the winning tickets would have to brace with patience, as they are unable to bag their substantial prizes as of now. It could be recalled that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation shut down its prize claim center.
Ever since mid-March players are unable to bag their prizes over CA$2,000, because of the unprecedented situation around the globe, as well as in Canada. Social distancing is the recommended practice right now. The aforementioned two tickets are bound to expire next year, so the only thing preventing them from receiving their prizes is the closed prize center.
Cash Payouts
However, this hesitation eventually results in loss of interest as time progresses. It amounts to some CA$26,000 per week if we take into account the guaranteed investment certificate. Thursday saw the GIC amount to 1.95 percent. Mr. Davenport wanted to offer his expert opinion on the aforementioned loss of interest that might seem like a hit on the winner’s fortune.
Some players take their time to prepare adequately for the fortune they had won, whereas others are prevented from bagging it due to force majeure conditions. Both cases lose interest as time progresses. The financial expert made it clear that the first step for every winner should be the protection of their anonymity, as this would give them the time to prepare for changes. As of now, the Crown corporation recommends that the winners sign their tickets and have them validated.
This would guarantee them peace of mind for the upcoming weeks until they have the opportunity to bag their prize and invest it in making memories, in a new house, or the luxury vehicle they have always dreamed of. Mr. Davenport also advises its clients to begin with the first thing on their bucket list, as this is a good place to start.